Must-Have Kitchen Tools

For The Busy Family

equipped kitchenWhether you are a stay-at-home parent or a working one constantly on the go, getting a healthy, complete dinner done at a decent hour is sometimes an impossible task. With life moving faster and faster, organization is the secret to success, and success in the kitchen starts with having the proper tools and the most useful equipment that you can purchase at a wholesale restaurant supply store.

Most people focus on having a beautifully decorated kitchen, with all the latest and greatest appliances, cabinets and floors. And while this can be important in completing a home design, it won’t cook a meal for your family. Everyday a new kitchen gadget or machine is being advertised as a must-have piece. However, few have staying power for the decades and are simply passing trends. Tried and true pieces are ones that have multiple uses, are long lasting and are an economical investment. Many keys pieces have been upgraded through time but still accomplish the task they set out to do only better now.

It doesn’t take a restaurant kitchen to cook great meals for your family, it only takes the right tools. Based on top chef recommendations and top bloggers these are a list of the top items that every efficient kitchen should have! They are divided into three categories, cookware, machines and gadgets. Shopping for these items is practically painless because they are affordable and available at many different retail locations in-store or online. Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to get everything all at once, start small pick up one or two items that will work best for your kitchen. You may already have a few and didn’t even know that they could be used for a variety of uses!
Being a great cook takes time and practice, but having the right tools makes all the difference.


cookwareCast Iron Skillet– Professional cooks swear by them. The enamel design is meant to stand the test of time. This cookware can go from oven or stovetop straight to the table for serving. A frying pan or a baking dish this one tool does it all. While not dishwasher safe, the extra care that goes into cleaning is worth it.

Le Creuset Baking Dish– Whether you are making a casserole, lasagna or cooking meat this dish can be used for it all. The Le Creuset version is preferred in top kitchens because of its durable stoneware. The stoneware allows for even baking and protects against staining, all while being dishwasher and microwave safe.

USA Pan Pro Line Nonstick Baking Sheet– A rust and warp resistant pan that has a unique corrugated design. Safe up to 450 degrees, hand wash only but with a non-stick and silicone design.

Nonstick Mats- A silicone, mat that creates a non-stick surface for foods. Must be hand washed.

Double Broiler– A modern steamer that uses mellow, indirect heat to cook. A great tool for cooking sauces or dessert chocolates.